从80年代以后的法国电影中选择了40部自己认为值得推荐的电影,诚意向大家推荐,每一部片子后都加了一句话的推荐理由,当然那只能代表个人的观点。还有 很多精彩的法国电影,限于篇幅,不能一一列举,希望大家在看过这些电影后,能对当代的法国电影有一个初步的了解和认识。大家一起来讨论!

1.印度支那 Indochine (1992)

Set during the dissolution of French Indochina, (modern day Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) it revolves around two women. The movie begins with Eliane, a childless, proud, French landowner inheriting the property and daughter (Camille) of Annamese Royalty at their funeral. According to tradition, the daughter is to be married to a man chosen by the family named Minh who leaves to be educated in France and returns a Communist ideologue. She rejects this man when as a school girl, she falls in love with an older French naval officer (Jean-Baptiste) who cares for her after a near death experience. It turns out this man is, unbeknownst to her, her adopted mother's lover. Eliane has Jean-Baptiste exiled to a remote military post and Camille marries Minh. However the wedding is a farce, and the couple split the next day and head off to pursue their dreams; his of creating a Communist country, and hers to travel North to the sea to find the man she loves. On this journey through the gorgeous Vietnamese countryside, she finally breaks free from her sheltered life and sees how her people live. She arrives at the Northern outpost to find its main purpose is to protect a slave trading station. She flees with Jean-Baptiste further North where they are rescued by Communists whom Minh convinces to hide the now notorious couple. There she gives birth to their son, Etienne. Eventually they are both individually captured and imprisoned. Etienne is returned to Eliane. Years later, Camille is freed but abandons her son with Elaine telling her to sell the plantation and flee to France. Watch the movie and enjoy the twists and turns not mentioned here! The film is a complex interplay of French and Vietnamese culture and politics. Gender and Motherhood roles are examined with the two protagonists being fiercely independent, strong, beautiful women caught in an intergenerational love triangle, espionage, oppression, slavery and then freedom.

30年代初,法国统治下的越南。法国女人艾丽亚娜在南方经营橡胶园。艾丽亚娜与年轻的海军军官巴普蒂斯特曾有过一段浪漫史。后来,巴普蒂斯特与艾丽亚娜的 养女卡米尔相爱,艾丽亚娜利用关系把年轻军官调到北方的龙岛。卡米尔离家找到巴普蒂斯特。因杀死一名法国军官两人开始逃亡。他们的儿子艾蒂安纳在父母被捕 后与外祖母艾丽亚娜一起生活。巴普蒂斯特死去,卡米尔在大赦中出狱,艾丽亚娜去接她,但卡米尔表示要去参加越南独立解放运动。艾丽亚娜带着外孙回法国。本 片获1993年奥斯卡最佳外语片和最佳女演员奖提名。

2.情人 L'Amant (1992)

It is French Colonial Vietnam in 1929. A young French girl from a family that is having some monetary difficulties is returning to boarding school. She is alone on public transportation when she catches the eye of a wealthy Chinese businessman. He offers her a ride into town in the back of his chauffeured sedan, and sparks fly. Can the torrid affair that ensues between them overcome the class restrictions and social mores of that time? Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Maugerite Duras.

在1929年的越南是法国殖民地,因此在越南的土地上有很多法国人,简就是一个15岁的法国少女,在西贡女子寄宿学校读书.每逢假期简便回家,母亲办了一 所很小的学校,收入甚少.简有两个哥哥,大哥比尔吸毒成瘾且横行霸道,二哥保罗生性懦弱,常受大哥的欺负.一天简一如往常一样告别母亲乘上渡船回学校.在 船上遇到一个坐黑色大轿车的阔少爷东尼.东尼是华侨富翁的独生子.东尼喜欢这名白人少女便去搭讪,俩人便搭上了.简在寄宿学校里知道有的女生在外卖淫,她 也想找个有钱人试试,因此很主动与东尼交谈,上岸后两人逛了西贡,还一起上馆子吃中国饭菜.东尼并用汽车送她回学校.第二天刚放学,黑色汽车就等在校门口 了.
简和东尼很快就坠入爱河.东尼把简带到他的公馆,这是中国富人们常用来金屋藏娇的地方.他俩在这里幽会、洗澡、玩耍.有时晚上也不回学校,校方只好通 知她的母亲,简向东尼要钱给母亲,母亲太需要钱了,维持生活需要钱,还清比尔欠鸦片馆的债也要钱,母亲告诉校方给简自由.比尔知道了妹妹的事扬言要打死她 俩,东尼请简的一家人到豪华的饭店吃饭,吃完饭后又去舞厅跳舞,可是比尔见到东尼与简跳舞马上凶相毕露,威胁东尼要打架,被母亲劝住.后来比尔被送回法国 去了.

3.最后一班地铁 Le Dernier métro (1980)

Paris, 1942. Lucas Steiner is a Jew and was compelled to leave the country. His wife Marion, an actress, directs the theater for him. She tries to keep the theater alive with a new play, and hires Bernard Granger for the leading role. But Lucas is actually hiding in the basement...

1942年9月,德军占领了法国北部大部分地区,犹太人纷纷逃离法国。蒙玛特剧院经理吕卡斯由于来不及逃跑,只得让妻子玛莉翁谎称他已去美洲工作。贝尔纳 是爱国的青年演员,他进入蒙玛特剧院后,多次与玛莉翁合作,萌生了爱情。然而,一次偶然的机会,他发现玛莉翁的丈夫并未出走。贝尔纳毅然离开剧院,参加了 抵抗运动组织。1944年6月,德军大败,吕卡斯才走出地窖,重见光明。此时,贝尔纳也回到剧院。

4.碧海蓝天 Le Grand bleu (1988)

Enzo and Jacques have known each other for a long time. Their friendship started in their childhood days in the mediterranean. They were not real friends in these days, but there was something they both loved and used to do the whole day long: diving. One day Jacques' father, who was a diver too, died in the mediterranean sea. After that incident Enzo and Jacques lost contact. After several years, Enzo and Jacques had grown up, Johanna, a young clerk in a security office, has to go to Peru. There she meets Jacques who works for a group of scientist. He dives for some minutes into ice cold water and the scientist monitor his physical state that is more like a dolphin's than a human's. Johanna can not believe what she sees and gets very interested in Jacques but she's unable to get acquainted with him. Some weeks later, back in her office, she notices a championship for divers that is supposed to take place in Taormina, Italy. In order to see Jacques again she makes up a story so the firm sends her to Italy for business purposes. In Taormina there is also Enzo, the reigning diving world champion. He knows that only Jacques can challenge and probably beat him. This time Johanna and Jacques get closer, but Jacques, being more a dolphin than a man, can not really commit and his rivalry with Enzo pushes both man into dangerous territory...

热爱大海的贾克(Jean-Marc Barr饰),一直想与大海为伍,即使他在年少的时候,父亲因一次潜水发生意外而被大海吞噬,贾克对大海的爱始终没有改变。
但是在一次偶然的邂逅中,贾克认识了年轻美丽的女子乔汉娜(Rosanna Arquette饰)并且爱上了她,自此之后,贾克的生活似乎变得无法掌握,贾克六神无主地旁徨在大海与乔汉娜的抉择中...

5.浪迹天涯/流浪者 Sans toit ni loi (1985)


6.冬天里的一颗心/今生情未了 Un coeur en hiver (1992)

Beautiful violin virtuoso Camille has two obsessions: the music of Ravel, and a friend of her husband's who crafts violins. But his heart seems to be as cold as her playing is passionate.


7.玛歌皇后 La Reine Margot (1994)

The night of August 24, 1572, is known as the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. In France a religious war is raging. In order to impose peace a forced wedding is arranged between Margot de Valois, sister of the immature Catholic King Charles IX, and the Hugenot King Henri of Navarre. Catherine of Medici maintains her behind-the-scenes power by ordering assaults, poisonings, and instigations to incest.

气势磅礴的法国历史巨片,由法国国宝级的女星伊莎贝尔·阿佳尼主演,她以自己的美艳和激情,继《罗丹的情人》后再度倾倒了世界。本片摘取了1994年戛纳 电影节评委会大奖和最佳女演员奖以及多项恺撒奖,成为当年最受瞩目的电影。它犹如一页历史书中的精美插图,将我们带回1572年的法国。在历史的血腥中渗 透爱情的狂野,在宏大的场面下触摸个性的张扬,其中暧昧的激情场面与残酷的大屠杀镜头至今被人们津津乐道。

8.怒火青春/仇恨 La Haine (1995)

Injured by a police inspector during an interrogation, Abdel is at a hospital, almost dead. In the suburbs where he lives, some riots happened during the night, and one policeman lost his gun. One of Abdel's friends, Vinz, finds it. Vinz and his two pals, Said and Hubert, have nothing to do so they try to kill time. Vinz swears that if Abdel dies, he will shoot a policeman...

廿四小时的愤怒实录。巴黎无业青年三名,一人被警察殴打,怀恨在心。另一同党盲打误撞的弄来一把手枪,于是,还以颜色…青春有无比怒火,无比的爆炸力,而 死亡,只是青春迈进一步的必然过程。影片开头的一段台词让人深思:某人自50层楼跌落,每坠下一层,他都在安慰自己:至今没事,至今没事。。。。。重要的 不是下坠的过程,而是结果。

9.我们之间 Entre Nous (1983)

In 1942 in occupied France, a Jewish refugee (Lena Weber) marries a soldier (Michel Korski) to escape deportation to Germany. Meanwhile a wealthy art student (Madeleine) loses her first husband to a stray Resistance bullet; at the Liberation she meets an actor (Costa Segara), gets pregnant, and marries him. Lena and Madeleine meet at their children's school in Lyon in 1952 and the intensity of their relationship strains both their marriages to the breaking point.


10.罗曼史 Romance (1999)

Although deeply in love with her boyfriend - and indeed sleeping in the same bed with him - a schoolteacher cannot handle the almost complete lack of intimacy he will allow. Increasingly frustrated, she gradually finds her sexual appetites leading her into ever more risky situations, including a developing one with the headmaster.

《罗曼史》用一种令人不寒而慄的极度冷静的语调、精细的描绘令人瞠目结舌的性图象,真实地刻画了一位年轻的法国女子玛丽借性和身体获得掌握生活权力的追寻 旅程。玛丽原以为她的不忠会令男友保罗对她重燃“性"趣,但最后她才发现:性的本质就是必须直视我们内在最丑陋的部分。在我们挣扎追求我们的欲望的同时, 获得的报酬往往是得到真实的自我;而且只有在这样一段心碎的旅程,我们才能明了自我的价值。

11.这个杀手有点冷 Léon (1994)

Mathilda, a twelve-year old New York girl, is living an undesirable life among her half-family. Her father stores drugs for two-faced cop Norman Stansfield. Only her little brother keeps Mathilda from breaking apart. One day, Stansfield and his team take cruel revenge on her father for stretching the drugs a little, thus killing the whole family. Only Mathilda, who was out shopping, survives by finding shelter in Léon's apartment in the moment of highest need. Soon, she finds out about the strange neighbour's unusual profession - killing - and desperately seeks his help in taking revenge for her little brother. Léon, who is completely unexperienced in fatherly tasks, and in friendships, does his best to keep Mathilda out of trouble - unsuccessfully. Now, the conflict between a killer, who slowly discovers his abilities to live, to feel, to love and a corrupt police officer, who does anything in his might to get rid of an eye witness, arises to unmeasurable proportions - all for the sake of a little twelve-year old girl, who has nearly nothing to lose.

纽约贫民区住着一个意大利人,名叫里昂(Jean Reno饰),职业杀手。一天,邻居家小姑娘马蒂尔达(Natalie Portman饰)敲开他的房 门,要求在他这里暂避杀身之祸。原来,邻居家的主人是警察的眼线,只因贪污了一小包毒品而遭恶警剿灭全家的惩罚。马蒂尔达得到里昂的留救,开始帮里昂管家 并教其识字,里昂则教女孩使枪,两人相处融洽。女孩跟踪恶警,贸然去报仇,反倒被抓。里昂及时赶到,将女孩救回。他们再次搬家,但女孩还是落入恶警之手。 里昂撂倒一片警察,再次救出女孩并让她通过通风管道逃生,并嘱咐她去把他积攒的钱取出来。里昂化装成警察想混出包围圈,但被恶警识破。最后一刻,里昂引爆 了身上的炸弹……

12.新鲜诱惑/手到擒来 L'Appat (1995)

Three adolescents, a girl who serves as the priming and two boys, kill two men cold blooded who were known by the girl only for to steal the money of them. With the money the three want to open a shop for clothing in the United States. But their dream turns out to be more difficult to realize than the assassination.


13.巴黎野玫瑰 Betty Blue /37°2 (1986)

Zorg is a handyman working at in France, maintaining and looking after the bungalows. He lives a quiet and peaceful life, working diligently and writing in his spare time. One day Betty walks into his life, a young woman who is as beautiful as she is wild and unpredictable. After a dispute with Zorg's boss they leave and Betty manages to get a job at a restaurant. She persuades Zorg to try and get one of his books published but it is rejected which makes Betty fly into a rage. Suddenly Betty's wild manners starts to get out of control. Zorg sees the woman he loves slowly going insane. Can his love prevail even if it comes to the worst?

剧情描述管道工人佐尔格性格温和,是个安于现状的人,而女友贝蒂脾气火爆,却充满魅力。贝蒂一直很想帮男友佐尔格出版他的小说,一天,她发现了佐尔格的一 部小说稿,并用打字机打好寄出,但一次又一次遭到拒绝。个性极端的贝蒂在漫长的等待中失去了理智,在她弄瞎了自己的眼睛之后,被关进了疯人院。当佐尔格去 医院告诉她小说出版的消息时,贝蒂已经完全发疯了。佐格不忍她受苦,忍痛结束了她的生命。

14.爱情重伤/毁灭 Damage (1992)

A member of Parliament (Irons) falls passionately in love with his son's fiancée. They pursue their affair with obsessive abandon despite the dangers of discovery and what it would do to his complacent life and his son. Completely obsessed, he wants to give up his current lifestyle to be with her. She has no intention of allowing him to do this, preferring to have her marriage to the son as a cover. They are eventually discovered, and must deal with the damage. Based on the novel by Josephine Hart.

有人将奋不顾身的爱情形容成飞蛾扑火的壮烈,我曾经亲眼看见过在蜡烛燃尽之前的最后刹那,有一只为夜疲惫的飞蛾,纵身投入蓝色将尽的火焰怀抱,我看见过它 将挣扎变成了漫舞,又将漫舞变成了停滞,当它与烈火的最后一次亲密接触,定格为烛泪上一具无悔的尸首,那时我以一种难言的悲悯和残酷的快意在想,这也许真 的象人世间一次疯狂的爱情。

15.新桥恋人 Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991)

Set against Paris' oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf, while it was closed for repairs, this film is a love story between two young vagrants: Alex, a would be circus performer addicted to alcohol and sedatives and Michele, a painter driven to a life on the streets because of a failed relationship and an affliction which is slowly turning her blind. The film portrays the harsh existence of the homeless as Alex, Michele and Hans, an older vagrant survive on the streets with their wits. As they both slowly get their lives back together, Michele becomes increasingly dependent on Alex as her vision deteriorates further. Fearing that Michele will leave him if she receives a new medical treatment Alex attempts to keep Michele practically a prisoner. The streets, skies and waterways of Paris are used as a backdrop to the story in a series of stunning visuals which dominate the film.

米歇尔在路上遇到一个酩酊大醉的人,她以为他已经死了,就叫人来搭救他。日后,在大街上她又遇到这个人。她管他叫于连,因为那是她的第一个恋人的名字。他 们一同在一座正在施工修葺的桥上露宿,他帮助她弄来食物,又成了她的模特。他发现,在米歇尔的颜料盒里,有一只手枪。他们在桥上像一对相依为命的夫妻。米 歇尔的眼睛得了严重的疾病,看东西越来越模糊,她想在她失明以前再去博物馆看看她喜爱的画,老乞丐满足了她的愿望。她的父母在寻找自己离家出走的女儿,她 的画像贴满大街小巷,他不愿她离开,纵火烧了所有的画像。

16.罗丹的情人 Camille Claudel (1988)

Biography of Camille Claudel. Sister of writer Paul Claudel, her enthusiasm impresses already-famous sculptor Auguste Rodin. He hires her as an assistant, but soon Camille begins to sculpt for herself and for Rodin. She also becomes his mistress. But after a while, she would like to get out of his shadow...


17.追忆似水年华 Le Temps retrouvé (1999)

Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is on his deathbed. Looking at photographs brings memories of his childhood, his youth, his lovers, and the way the Great War put an end to a stratum of society. His memories are in no particular order, they move back and forth in time. Marcel at various ages interacts with Odette, with the beautiful Gilberte and her doomed husband, with the pleasure-seeking Baron de Charlus, with Marcel's lover Albertine, and with others; present also in memory are Marcel's beloved mother and grandmother. It seems as if to live is to remember and to capture memories is to create a work of great art. The memories parallel the final volume of Proust's novel.


18.疯狂夜/野兽之夜 Les Nuits fauves (1992)

Jean (director Cyril Collard) is young, gay, and promiscuous. Only after he meets one or two women, including Laura (Romane Bohringer) does he come to realize his bisexuality. Jean has to overcome a personal crisis (he is HIV-positive) and a tough choice between Laura and his male lover Samy (Carlos Lopez).


19.芳名卡门 Prénom Carmen (1983)

Carmen is a member of a terrorist gang who falls in love with a young police officer guarding a bank that she and her cohorts try to rob. She leads him on while dragging the two of them closer to their ultimate doom. Jean-Luc Godard intercuts the film with shots of a string quartet practicing Beethoven, and his main protagonist, Carmen, is played by Maruschka Detmers creating a stunning effect in many scenes of extended nudity.

本片的主要线索依据梅里美的文学名著《卡门》:一个抢劫团伙中的女青年卡门,与警察约瑟夫由搏斗发展到相恋。约瑟夫甚至不惜从此追随卡门及其团伙。卡门对 约瑟夫慢慢冷淡。不堪忍受的约瑟夫在该团伙的一次行动中杀死了卡门…… 戈达尔借用卡门来吸引观众关注他所窥视的世界,思考他所关心的问题。本片与他以往 的影片相比,故事情节较简单,可视性有所增加。但是由于两条故事线索穿插发展,在叙事上有时是顺叙的,有时则跳来跳去,加上不断插入的大海波涛汹涌的空镜 头,乐队排练贝多芬四重奏的场面及与情节无关的社会评论。话外音等复杂的叙事段落,故事情节被搞得支离破碎。但由于它将音响世界与影像世界融于一体,仍然 获得了很高的评价。早在“新浪潮"时期,戈达尔就提出:“世界发出了噪音,我们怎能不表现它呢?"戈达尔在本片中大量运用尘世间发出的各种噪音语言来渲染 环境,表现人物心理,被评论家誉为“音响革命富有诗意的宣言"。

20.绿光/众里寻她千百度 Le Rayon vert (1986)

Delphine's traveling companion cancels two weeks before her holiday, so Delphine, a Parisian secretary, is at loose ends. She doesn't want to travel by herself, but has no boyfriend and seems unable to meet new people. A friend takes her to Cherbourg; after a few days there, the weepy and self-pitying Delphine goes back to Paris. She tries the Alps, but returns the same day. Next, it's the beach: once there, she chats with an outgoing Swede, a party girl, and a friendship seems to bud; then, suddenly, Delphine bolts, heading back to Paris. As she waits at the Biarritz train station, a young man catches her eye; perhaps a sunset and the sun's green ray await

一个巴黎秘书戴尔芬为度假操碎心。戴尔芬本来约了朋友一块去希腊玩,但朋友临时爽约,其他朋友都有自己的男朋友,眼看她就要孤身一人在巴黎人潮中度过八月 天。她希望找到梦中情人,但追求她的全是她看不上的。最后她来到海边听着人们谈论:谁能看到绿光谁就能得到幸福。终于她在车站遇上了一个腼腆害羞的男孩, 他们来到海边,戴尔芬朦胧间似乎看到了传说中的绿光。

21.不羁的美女 La Belle noiseuse (1991)

The former famous painter Frenhofer lives quietly with his wife on his countryside residence in the French Provence. When the young artist Nicolas visits him with his girlfriend Marianne, Frenhofer decides to start again the work on a painting he long ago stopped: La Belle Noiseuse. And he wants Marianne as model. The now starting creative process changes life for everyone. It is a struggle for truth, life and sense, and the question where the limits of arts are or whether art is limitless. Written by Jens Bertheau {bertheau@mi-lab.fh-furtwangen.de}

画家弗兰霍菲许多年没作画了,尽管他的作品依然颇受画商和收藏家追捧。年轻女子玛丽亚娜的出现,令老画家重新勃发创作冲动。但是玛丽亚娜并非省油的灯,她 性情奔放、刚烈且过于敏感,跟画家的合作十分勉强。弗兰霍菲的妻子莉丝也曾是这位画家惟一的模特,本来很希望丈夫在事业上焕发青春。但弗兰霍菲居然拿出一 幅当初只画着莉丝的头像而未完成的旧作,就在这上面涂抹掉莉丝的面孔,画上玛丽亚娜的身体,难怪莉丝抱怨丈夫把人家的屁股画在她的脸旁。莉丝开始怀疑丈夫 对玛丽亚娜别有企图,毕竟她自己也是从为弗兰霍菲做模特而成了他的妻子,深知其中的滋味。夫妻吵嘴了,但还算有节制。事实上并没有发生此时观众可能预期着 的男欢女爱情形。

22.钢琴教师 La Pianiste (2001)

A young man romantically pursues his masochistic piano teacher.


23.亲密 Intimacy (2001)

Jay, a failed musician, walked out of his family and now earns a living as head bartender in a trendy London pub. Every Wednesday afternoon a woman comes to his house for graphic, almost wordless, sex. One day Jay follows her and finds out about the rest of her life (and that her name is Claire). This eventually disrupts their relationship.

每个星期三下午,她就会来到他那简陋的公寓,两人一语不发,只是脱去衣服,在地板上疯狂地做爱。在充分享受了肉体的欢愉之后,她就穿上衣服,默然离去。除 此之外,再没有别的交流。他们互相不知道对方的名字、身份,但却一次次地继续着不成文的约定。终于有一天,他不再满足于这种单纯的肉体上的亲密,而试图了 解这个陌生女人在星期三下午之外的生活。两人之间的关系开始发生改变,一切都在慢慢地揭开……

24.理发师的情人 Le Mari de la coiffeuse (1990)

Antoine, a little boy, falls in love with the local hairdresser, so he gets a hair cut every time he can. This situation causes some problems with his parents. However, when he grows up, he is still obsessed with the hair cutting, and one fine day he gets into a barber shop, meets the hairdresser (Mathilde), they fall in love at first sight, and begin a strange relation


25.凡高传 Van Gogh (1991)

In late spring, 1890, Vincent moves to Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, under the care of Dr. Gachet, living in a humble inn. Fewer than 70 days later, Vincent dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. We see Vincent at work, painting landscapes and portraits. His brother Theo, wife Johanna, and their baby visit Auvers. Vincent is playful and charming, engaging the attentions of Gachet's daughter Marguerite (who's half Vincent's age), a young maid at the inn, Cathy a Parisian prostitute, and Johanna. Shortly before his death, Vincent visits Paris, quarrels with Theo, disparages his own art and accomplishments, dances at a brothel, and is warm then cold toward Marguerite

在1890年的春末,梵高搬到了临近巴黎的Auvers-sur-Oise村的一个小客栈,同时受到加歇医生的照料。70天之后梵高用枪结束了自己的生 命。观众在影片中看到梵高如何作画。他的兄弟蒂欧、妻子约安娜和他们的孩子一起重游故地。梵高精力充沛、表现出非凡魅力。他把注意力放到加歇的女儿玛格利 特、一个巴黎妓女凯茜和约安娜的身上……

26.野芦苇 Les Roseaux Sauvages (1994)

In a village in the Southwest of France, 1962. Maite and Francois are 18 years old. They are friends, not lovers. In Francois's classroom, there are Serge, whose brother has just married to try to escape from the war in Algeria, and Henri, a pied-noir (Algerian-born Frenchman). Francois and Serge will have a homosexual relationship, but Serge wants to marry his brother's wife...

1962年,一向平静的西南小城也受到了独立风暴的影响。故事发生在一所寄宿中学的三个男生弗朗索瓦、赛杰、恩利和一个女生玛依之间。玛依的母亲艾弗蕾丝 女士在学校教法文,同时也是一名反战的***员,但她没有帮助赛杰的哥哥皮埃尔,后者战死在阿尔及利亚。弗朗索瓦和玛依是一对恋人,但他们从未有过性接 触。赛杰很喜欢玛依,玛依对他却没什么感觉。弗朗索瓦在和赛杰建立起良好友谊的过程中对赛杰产生了好感,进而发生了关系。弗朗索瓦痛苦地认识到自己的性取 向,然而赛杰不想保持这样的关系。另一位主人公恩利是被迫离开阿尔及利亚的侨生,他支持那些右翼的法西斯组织,坚定地站在反对独立的一方,因此在思想上与 大多数人格格不入。革命的结果没有因恩利的情感而改变,当阿尔及利亚革命成功的消息传来后,恩利愤恨不已,到镇上准备烧毁***的机构,却意外地遇见了玛 依,对她产生了感情。毕业会考的成绩就要公布了,四个年轻人相约去河边游泳,他们有点紧张,但是什么也不怕,生活中有比考试和战争更伤脑筋的事,在那个阳 光烂漫的日子里,他们好像一下子长大了。

27.柯南上尉 Capitaine Conan (1996)

Bulgaria near the end of World War I: Conan, warrior and wolf, leads a band of 50 ruthless French fighters who love hand-to-hand combat. Their motto: "We forgot to take prisoners, Captain." At war's end, the unit goes to Bucharest, where Conan tries to keep them out of trouble, defends them when they behave as warriors, and finds he's unsuited for peacetime. His friendship with Norbert, a teacher turned lieutenant, is tested when Norbert accepts a job as court-martial prosecutor because he's learned that Conan will be facing charges and he wants to protect his friend. When they are sent to the Russian border to fight Bolsheviks, Conan is back in his element and Norbert is off the hook.



Paul Dedalus is at a crossroads in his life. He has to make several decisions; should he complete his doctorate, does he want to become a full professor, does he really love his long-standing girlfriend, or should he re-start with one of his other lovers? Is he avoiding the despairing life his father can't escape from ?

保罗,一个将近三十岁的年轻教授保,五年来一直无法完成博士论文,与相处十年的女友艾丝塔,他既无法继续共同生活,又无法与之真正分手。与此同时,他又垂 涎身边的一切:从一个大学教授的职称到他好友的女人。最后,他做出了自己的决定,他周围的同事和朋友也解决了各自的问题,关系暂时理顺,生活依然继续……

29.恩怨情天/玛侬的复仇 Manon des sources (1986)
恋恋山城/男人的野心 Jean de Florette (1986)

In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She determines to take revenge upon the men responsible for the death of her father in the first film.


30.出电梯左转 À gauche en sortant de l'ascenseur (1988)

剧情描述性格内向的画家尚迷恋有夫之妇芙洛昂丝,在朋友帮忙下终于约到她前来自己的画室参观。画室旁边住了一对欢喜冤家波里斯与艾娃,两人正因感情问题发 生小冲突,艾娃在追波里斯到电梯时,一阵风把她的家门关上了,于是她进入画室向尚求救。尚担心芙洛昂丝到来时引起误会,乃从阳台爬到隔壁帮艾娃开门,不料 爬在栏杆...

31.仪式/冷酷祭典 La Cérémonie (1995)

Sophie, a quiet and shy maid working for the upper-class family Lelievre, hides her illiteracy under the cloak of a perfect household and obedience. She finds a friend in the energetic and uncompromising postmaster Jeanne, who encourages her to stand up against her bourgeois employers. Things start to escalate as the Lelievres find out that Sophie can't read and has brought Jeanne into their house against their wish.

索菲是一个内向的女孩子,沉默寡言。她来到富有的勒里弗家当女佣,随和又顺从,是个理想的保姆,但她很害怕他们知道她的一个秘密:原来她不识字。后来她认 识了在镇上邮局工作的珍妮,跟她成了好朋友。珍妮教她勇敢地站起来,面对她的布尔乔亚雇主。当雇主得知索菲的秘密以及她私自带外人进屋,矛盾马上激化。索 菲与珍妮终于以血腥的谋杀来完成对主人一家的报复。

32.我的男人/浪的过火 Mon Homme (1996)

In Lyons, where many are unemployed, Marie is a prostitute who loves her work: she's thoughtful and exuberant toward clients old and young, slim or flabby. One night, a homeless man sleeps in the foyer of her apartment house; she gives him a hot meal, then a place on the floor to sleep by her radiator, then she offers herself. She falls in love, giving him new life, clothes, a place to live. When he grouses that he must bar hop while she uses the flat for her work, she finds them a larger flat. He grows restless, seducing a manicurist and pressing her to prostitution. He's arrested for procuring, so Marie must decide what to do; he, too, must face the consequences of his choices.

在失业人口聚集的里昂,玛利从事着卖淫,并很热爱这行业。无论客人老迈或年轻,瘦弱或肥胖,她都照顾周到,充满热情。一晚,一个无家可归的男人睡在公寓的 门厅里。她给他吃热东西,让他睡在地板上的暖炉旁,之后还主动献身给他。她恋爱了,带给他新生活、新衣服和住的地方。她在公寓里“工作”时没把门闩上,他 就大发牢骚,于是她给他找了一间稍大的公寓。他开始变得不安分,去引诱修指甲师,还强迫她做妓女。很快,他就因介绍妓女被捕了。于是,玛利必须决定如何行 动;而他呢,则必须面对他选择的后果。

33.小偷也激情/米雪的告白 La Petite voleuse (1988)

本片由新浪潮导演特吕弗编剧,通过发生在一个地位卑贱的女孩身上的故事,反思了战后法国社会中产阶级穷奢极欲的生活对成长期的青少年的影响。主演夏洛特 甘斯布的表演太出色了。

34.三色:蓝 白 红 Bleu (1993) Bialy (1994) Rouge (1994)

朱莉的丈夫是位有名的作曲家,她深爱着他并一直心甘情愿地默默协助丈夫完成他的工作。一次,朱莉一家三口驱车外出,但祸从天降,意外的事故意瞬间夺去了她 丈夫与爱子的生命。残酷的现实使幸免于难的朱莉痛不欲生,她在生与死的世界上徘徊不定,不知道命运为何对她做出如此的安排。
在家庭被毁灭的同时,她又无可奈何地面临一次新的选择,但是命运之神又会给她怎样的选择呢?听着丈夫作的曲子,往昔的他时时浮现在眼前,痛苦总是缠绕 在她心头,使她无法超脱。但是,她又必须摆脱痛苦,于是,她扔掉丈夫的全部乐稿,以期抹去种种回忆,其中也包括着一份她一直心存着的疑问。
偶然的机会中,一份乐谱落入丈夫生前好友奥利弗的手中。他出于好意将此乐谱在媒体中广为传播,并无意中将这乐谱创作的原由告诉了朱莉。朱莉得知了这份 乐谱确与一名女子相关,自己多年的怀疑终于得到了证实。知晓逝去的丈夫生前对她有不忠行为,朱莉痛创的心头更是雪上加霜。


35.白色婚礼 Noce blanche (1989)

A teacher of phylosophy discovers a complicated pupil, a seventeen years old girl with a quite cynic and lucid view of the world. He gets involved in helping her to follow the routine of the study, but soon he is fascinated by her and they fall in a passionate love. When the teacher confronts their affair with reality he decides staying with her wife. But the girl will not accept it.

年近五旬的优秀哲学教师弗朗索瓦对班里充满灵性的17岁女学生玛蒂尔德产生了浓厚的兴趣,进而对她产生恋情。玛蒂尔德亦爱上了风度翩翩、谈吐幽默的老师。 这段恋情进行得轰轰烈烈,刻骨铭心,但却无法跨越道德、年龄、婚姻的阻碍,最终身败名裂的弗朗索瓦被调往他乡,过着孤独、凄苦的生活,玛蒂尔德也在一年 后,死在对老师孤寂而无尽的思念里。

36.吸烟/不吸烟 Smoking/No Smoking (1993)


37.情迷干洗店 Nettoyage à sec (1997)

Nicole and Jean-Marie Kunstler are a nice, hard working couple who have been married for 15 years. They operate a dry cleaning business that keeps them both too busy to take a vacation, or to change their routine. A fateful trip to a drag club leads them to encounter Loic and Marilyn, a brother-sister drag queen performing team. Their shows fascinate the couple, as both Nicole and Jean-Marie find themselves growing more and more attached to Loic. Loic brings to the surface all of their suppressed desires and emotions - willingly and unwillingly. A psychological examination into the effects one attractive young man's entrance into the lives of an ordinarily seeming couple could have.

Nicole和Jean-Marie Kunstler结婚有15年了,是一对友善的、工作努力的夫妇。他们经营一家干洗店,工作繁忙,没时间度假。一次 改变他们命运的经历:他们夫妇俩来到一个异装同性恋派对,结识了Loic和Marilyno这对兄妹表演组合。兄妹俩的表演迷倒夫妇,两口子竟然发现自己 都暗恋上Loic。Loic使夫妇两人遭压抑的欲望和情绪得以释放,最后导致了一个让人震惊的结局。

38.缘份的春天/情感的宿命 Les Destinee Sentiments (2000)


39.小罪犯 Le petit criminel (1990)

这部儿童电影描述一个不上学、家庭失和的男孩,一天他接到了一个自称是他素未谋面的姐姐的电话,他决定逃课去找姐姐开始新生活,不料在半路上遇到盘问的警 察。男孩用手中携带的枪劫持了警察,并要他带自己去见姐姐,一路上风波过后,男孩终于见到了姐姐并一起回家自首。难得的是那位同行的警察也爱上了姐姐。

40.人性 L' Humanite (1999)