It is a good habit to pay close attention to the price of gold even though you don't want to buy some or just do not have much money. Investment on gold seems to be much wiser than on stock, so it is.

You can know the gold price from varities of channels,for example newspapers televison radios,and there are companys for it,also you can learn it use the internet,It is much faster to tell you the latest gold prices.

Spot Gold,The spot market is where professional bullion dealers buy and sell gold for more-or-less immediate settlement.The gold spot market is not a place; it doesn't have a location. It is a distributed market made up of professional bullion market participants from around the world who share a common set of rules and standards regarding how to trade gold with each other.

Whichever option you do choose you should be careful to pay close attention to the gold price per gram in pounds as many feel that gold has also suffered from an inflationary bubble and the record high prices may be coming to an end.